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Stamping off – textures and patterns using foam stamps.

Posted on 30 Jun 2014

I love making cards! it’s one of those things where you can use all your scrap papers, pretty elements and best of all stamps. So when I got to play with Chiswicks foam stamps i had so much fun creating borders and backgrounds for a set of cards I made as a gift. So today I am sharing my favorite card of the lot with you.


I started off with some patterned papers in different colours to add colour to my card. To add some interest to my paper strips I made my own patterned paper strip. I used plain white cardstock, selected 3 of the Chiswick ink pads in 3 different colours, some foam stamps and then randomly stamped some letters onto a strip of cardstock.
card stamped border

I used the stamp-off method which means I inked the stamp and stamped it onto my cardstock once, but before inking the stamp again I stamped it onto the same cardstock pieces in a different area at a different angle. This gives you some darker and lighter stamped images which creates an interesting effect.
step 4

TIP – Remember that because foam stamps give way, it is very important to ink the stamps by applying the ink pad to the stamp instead of pressing the stamp into the ink. When you press the stamp into the ink, the ink transfers onto the outer edges and when you stamp you will get a “halo” effect giving you a misprint. So when you apply the ink to the stamp you only get ink onto the areas you want that will ensure a clear impression.


To add some texture and interest to my matted image I used the edge distresser to rough up the edges of my pink and gold cardstock. I love this little handy tool that enables me to add a distressed look in an instant.
step 3

To create some paper flowers using my scrap papers I pulled out my Chiswick quilling tool.
card rolled flower

To create these easy rolled flowers all you need is a scrap paper cut into a rough circle. After cutting the circle, use your Chiswick scissors and cut the circle into one long continues thread. Start from the outside edge and and cut towards the inside leaving a small circle as a base in the middle.
step 1

Insert the tip of the paper strip into the quilling tool and start rolling from the outside inwards. Once you  are finished rolling adhere the rolled area to the base using a liquid adhesive. The adhere it to the card using adhesive.
step 2

Finish off your card using paper and fabric flowers, clay tile and diamante.

flower detail

For this card I used these wonderful Chiswick products available from your nearest craft store. For more information or finding your closest craft store contact Denise on (031) 569 6116 OR visit

CR0920 150mm Scissors
CR1105 Embossing and Quilling tool
CR1360 Paper Distressor
CR1200 Bonefolder
CR3195 Alphabet Foam Stamps
RS3325 Pearlescent Green ink pad
RS3350 Pearlescent Brown ink pad
RS3365 Pearlescent Black ink pad

Happy stamping – until next time!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.