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Rainbow art journaling page.

Posted on 29 Jun 2015

I often create pages, well really experiments using inks and other mediums, I guess you can say they are art journaling pages but just not in an art journal.
So the other day when I was given a really nice journaling from a paper company, i started adding my art pages to it – and i love how all my experiments are
now housed in one convenient place. So today i had this idea of playing with the rainbow and created this page using Chiswick’s range of Dye ink pads.
art journaling 1I love how the colours turned out so much – and realised that at heart I just really love colour!
art journaling 2So here’s how i did it…
step 1 – Grab a piece of technique or watercolour cardstock. Lightly mist the entire sheet with water
step 1step 2 – Use 5 colours of ink pads and press the ink pads directly onto the wet misted cardstock.
I started with the lightest colour first and then went darker and darker. This way I avoided contaminating my light coloured ink pads.
step 2step 3 – One you added all the ink colours, lightly mist the inked cardstock with water again.
step 3step 4 – Tilt the cardstock around to make the ink spread and flow to created interesting lines and effects.
The water will make the overlap ink colours mix together to create a whole new colours and loads of interest.
step 4I just simply picked 5 colours that i likes and experimented with the outcome – once the ink was dry it created a lovely pastel
coloured background. I then added some stenciling using black paint mixed into texture paste.
step 5Once everything was dry I added some decorative elements and adhered it into my journal.
For the left hand side of my journal I used a die-cut from my Silhouette machine, stamped wording and some
scrap from my background I created cut into small decorative squares.
art journaling 4Loving the colour and detail using a few ink pads, stencils and paint!
art journaling 3I hope your day is a really colourful one! For a full list of products used and to view more head on over to the website
Dye Ink Pad Display – 27pcs ( 9 colours ) rs3370
Dye Ink Pad- Red rs3291
Dye Ink Pad – Purple rs3298
Dye Ink Pad – Blue rs3297
Dye Ink Pad – Grass Green rs3296

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.