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Quick woven glitter card using the Xyron.

Posted on 25 Jun 2015

gold weave cardWelcome to another blogpost using the super cool Xyron Creative Station.
I was going through some old project photos and came across some women projects – remember when we did a lot of paper weaving?
yes well it is something I haven’t done for a while so I thought I may try it on a quick card.
I combined it with the very popular gold trend currently happening in the fashion and crafting worlds.

step 1Step 1 – Cut a piece of patterned paper to the length you want your paper strips to be.

step 2Step 2 – Feed the paper through your creative station with the Permanent Adhesive cartridge in the station.

step 3Step 3 – Remove the plastic cover, as well as the backing sheet from the patterned paper to reveal the sticky backed paper.

step 4Step 4 – Cover the entire paper with gold glitter. I liberally covered the sticky side of the paper
by pouring the glitter on top of it. You can spread it out with your fingers and by tilting the paper in different
directions to spread the glitter evenly.

step 5Step 5 – Shake off the excess glitter and return it to the container carefully.
PS. Always work on scrap paper with glitter so you can return it to it’s container.
step 6Step 6 – Use your small Tonic trimmer and cut the gold glitter paper into 5mm wide strips.
Weave the paper strips together and adhere it to the front of your folded card piece.
Decorate your card with stars, stamped sentiment and other embellishments.
And there you have a quick and gorgeous card – perfect for someone special.
Products used
Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive Refill Cartridge (18′) xt1605
5″ Creative Station Machine xr0510
Ultra Fine glitter sb4225
Craft Guillotine – 6.25″ pct809

Until Friday – happy crafting – I hope you get your Gold on this week.

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.