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POP goes my world – new paint range!

Posted on 21 Dec 2015

I get really excited about new products, things that will stimulate and excite and give me some new challenges.
One such thing is the new range of chalk POP paints by Chiswick.
After some brainstorming and ideas being thrown around I am pleased to say that this range of amazing goodness has finally being released.
And I am so happy to introduce it to you just in time for the holidays so you too can colour your world!
swatches 1
POP paint is like the beloved chalk paint, textured, rich and with amazing colours you are sure to find a colour that will
get your creative mojo going in a flash!

I used this fun paint on a layout creating a fun background effect. I simply had to try it on paper first.
I am happy to report that my cardstock did not warp at all, and the overall finish if a perfectly matt texture filled with goodness.
I randomly applied the paint to the background and then dressed up my layout using papers, die-cuts and patterned papers.
hello there layoutHow I applied my paint my all the difference in the world
step 1 – choose the colour you want to use. You will need a paint brush and an old credit card/gift card
step 1step 2 – Add some paint to the credit card using a paint brush.
step 2step 3 – Swipe the card with the paint face down onto your cardstock in different directions.
Smooth out the paint in large strokes and then leave it to dry.
step 3The effect is an amazing chalky look giving texture to your background – a stroke of genius and colour.
detail 2Paint peeking out from udnerneath the die-cut title circle adds loads of interest.
I simply love the effect the paint adds to the layout.
Now to go and paint some chipboard, wood elements, brads and anything I can think of.
detail 1Oh…and that is only the beginning. I have already done a small console table, desk top organizer and some
other interesting surfaces that I will share in the coming week.
Trust me you are going to love this chalky paint goodness – adding colour to your life in a few strokes!
To view the entire colour range head on over to the website.
swatches 2Visit your nearest craft store to get your hands on some of this amazing paint!
The paint is available in 3 different sizes
Tester pots, 290ml and 500ml – giving you the choice and convenience in one pretty glass jar!
swatches 3So what will your favourite colour be?
See all the colours here
paint sizesuntil next time …happy painting!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.