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Organized DIY | Painted wooden crate.

Posted on 31 May 2016

Organizing,  sorting and keeping things neat in our house is somewhat of a challenge as I am sure it is in many homes.
In an effort to keep things a bit neater, I am trying to help my other half sort out his stuff.
And what better way to make a beautiful crate to keep things in, and decorate it with PoP Paint.tool box2I started off with a store bought crate made of pine. Not ugly but not pretty either.
tool box_mainI started off painting it with a layer of brown paint, then changed my mind.
step 1 – Paint the entire crate with a layer of Meringue pop paint. You can see how much lighter it made the wood.
step1step 2 – Sand the entire painted surface down with a sanding block.
I just wrap sanding paper around a wooden block for convenience sake.
TIP: Using a sanding block or electronic sander is not so hard on your hands.
step2step 3 – Use foam stamps and paint a layer of Latte paint onto them. Carefully stamp a word onto the wood.
Clean the stamps with warm soapy water and let dry.
step3step 4 – Once the stamped wording is dry, use a brush and paint a layer of Clear Wax over the entire surface.
Let the wax settle in for a few seconds.
step4step 5 – Use mutton cloth or an old t-shirt to buff the wax to a shine.
In this case, I was a bit other enthusiastic with the wax and added a bit much. So when i started buffing
the wax caused a distress and smudged look on my stamped letters. Which I love.
It gives it a real nice worn look.
step 5Leave the wax to settle and after an hour buff it some more to a nice matt but silky smooth finish.
Inside the crate I added some empty tin cans (recycled dog food tins)
to house all of the different tools and things that normally find their way on the floor or in some deep dark hole.

You can clearly see the different between the inside of the crate that is not painted, and the outside that is a soft creamy/white colour.
This way no-one made a commitment to a colour, but rather we have a useful multipurpose crate that can be used anywhere.

happy painting and organizing!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.