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My jewellery board – fun to fix staple gun.

Posted on 20 Jul 2015

Hi everyone – sorry for being MIA – i have been nursing a virus of some sorts…. but in the meantime I did some sorting cleaning and decorating!
But not without a new toy i got from Chiswick! I got an electric staple gun! and I LOVE IT!
So what did I make? Well I finally got to make something I wanted to tackle a long time ago – a little organizing project for my pretty necklaces amongst other things.
staple gun 1So I bought some amazing fabric and found an old canvas frame lurking around. So the entire project cost me only the fabric.
Before you start here are some safety tips and guidelines:
Always wear protective eye-wear when using a staple gun
Always test on a scrap piece of wood the amount of pressure to apply for the staple to actually go into the wood and stay there

Here’s how i did it…
step 1 – Gather your staple gun – electric or manual, your wooden frame, a piece of cardboard, fabric and batting.
step 2 Step 2 – Star by stapling the cardboard to the inside of the frame. I did this to add something firm underneath my batting and fabric.
step 1step 3 – Wrap the batting around the outside of the frame and staple it in place onto the wooden frame.
I stapled it all the way around to make sure it is nice and firm.
Remember to pull it tight so it does not buckle in the middle.
step 3step 4 – Once the batting is in place, wrap the fabric around the frame and staple one side to the frame.
Move to the opposite side next and pull the fabric tight, then staple that side . Move to the next two sides and staple them down.
step 4step 5 – Lastly you need to staple the corners. I simple folded the fabric as neatly as possible into the corner and stapled it several times to
get a nice flat corner.
step 5
You can now leave the jewellery board as is , frame it and hang it up, or stand it against a wall or mirror like I did with mine.
The possibilities are endless and with this amazing new Staple gun from Chiswick I completed my project in under 30 minutes, but
the amount of happiness this little project brought me is amazing! No untangling necklaces!
staple gun 3
But instead I put a pin in it!
staple gun 2
Check out all the amazing tools on the Chiswick website…and visit back soon to see my next home decor project using some of their amazing tools!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.