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How to store your metal die-cuts easily.

Posted on 04 Jun 2014

I am always looking for great ways to organize my scrapbooking stash. Now as a crafter and scrapbooker things need to be accessible, easy to reach, functional and still beautiful. So came the problem of my ever increasing “die” collection. First i had them in plastic tubs in their packaging, then i removed them from their packaging which removed the bulk and gave me more space but having them stacked on top of each other just wasn’t the perfect solution. But then it dawned on me. With some of the companies supplying dies with a magnetic sheet this was a great solution. But posed another issue – I had to go out and buy lots of empty CD storage cases to put dies into on a magnetic sheet, then the CD cases would take up too much space and it wasn’t pretty. In came my next solution…

files 6I found these A4 magnetic sheets at Chiswick. Then i was looking for something to
put it in and found these amazingly beautiful files at Typo that matched my colour scheme.

files 5

So I placed my dies on the magnetic sheets according to designs, labelled the folders
and had the perfect solution. They are compact and gorgeous.

files 2I am absoloutely in love with these A4 magnetic sheets – they are functional and versatile and the perfect
solution to many of my storage problems.

files 3These files take up very little space and can slot into a book case or even be filed in  filing cabinet which will give me even more space.
Can you see where i am going with this one…now to empty the filing cabinet!

files 1I hope you are inspired by looking for alternative storage ideas for your crafting supplies. Remember that Chiswick has  huge range of products available and these A4 sheets is just one way my life was made so much easier.
To find the closest store to you contact Denise 031 – 569 6116 or visit and see all the wonderful products available.

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.