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Glittered photo with the Xyron.

Posted on 11 Dec 2014

Today I am super excited to share with you that Chiswick is now stocking this wonderful and uber versatile Xyron Creative Station amongst other goodies from the Xyron range. If you have never owned one of these super versatile machines then you are in for a treat – I love mine!
So for today I wanted to share a layout I made, and just to change things up a bit I altered my photo on this layout. I used my Creative Station to turn my photograph sticky and then covered it with clear glitter for a funky effect. You can still see the photo clearly but it has a really unique and interesting look.
cw layout
I simply love the effect – having said that it would definitely work much better with certain bolder images than light colored detailed photographs.
cw detail 3

I also used the permanent adhesive refill in the Creative Station to add adhesive to the back of my die-cut word  – this definitely makes it a lot easier to adhere these delicate cuts to a layout. Quick and easy. No mess and no ugly adhesives all over.
cw detail 2

the detailed die-cuts I made using my Cuttlebug was also adhered using the permanent adhesive – it works perfectly every time!
cw detail 1

The creative station can easily be opened at the top and the cartridges changed to suit your needs – anything from permanent adhesives, to laminating to magnets – the possibilities are endless.

For my photo, I printed the photo to size, and then inserted it into the station with the photo face down. Push the photo right to the front of the machine and then turn the handle to feed it through to the back of the machine.
step 1

At the back of the machine, there is a blade – push down the blade and pull it along the machine from right to left to cut through the material. Remove the material and then peel off the plastic layer on the front.
step 2

Lift the photo off of the white backing – the photo will now have a sticky layer on it. Sprinkle the photo with clear glitter and rub off the excess glitter.
step 3

The photo is now covered in a hazy layer of sparkle – beautiful and unique. Perfect for something a little different.
step 4

So hop on over to your local craft store and ask for the Creative Station by name XYRON – look out for more handy articles using this little machine to follow during the holidays to get you into the creative mood.
If you have any problems getting hold of any of the Chiswick products, contact Denise and she will help you out.
Here is a link to the products on the website – happy shopping!

5″ Creative Station Machine xr0510

Until next time – get sticky!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.