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Glittered Mixed media canvas

Posted on 25 Jun 2014

There’s nothing quite as satisfactory as making a mixed media canvas. It’s one of those projects where you can play around with different mediums and just have fun experimenting. And that’s what this project turned out to be…a session of play with different mediums from Chiswick. And here’s the canvas i made…

canvasI used a combination of products to add colour to my background, but it is when i added my texture that i really started playing with the different products to add shimmer. To finish off my canvas i added some flowers and diamante along with some vinyl die-cut words

flower dwetail

here’s how i did it step by step
step 1 – Colour your canvas with paint and gesso to create a base. Once dry use a stencil and texture paste to add a dimensional pattern
step 1

step 2 – Leave the gesso to dry thoroughly

step 2

step 3 – Use spray mists to add colour to your texture paste and leave to dry.


step 4 – Once the mists are dry, add highlights using bronze texture past. I use my finger tip to add the
paste directly to the areas i want to highlight

step 4

step 5 – Using the Pearlescent pigment ink pad highlight the edges of the textured pattern by lightly swiping the ink pad across the texture areas. Do the same around the outside edges of the canvas.

 step 5

step 6 – Add some liquid adhesive to the edges of the textured patterned and sprinkle lightly with silver glitter. leave the glue to dry and then shake off the loose glitter and return it to the container.

step 6

Finish off your canvas with some paper flowers from Chiswick as well as other handmade flowers for contrast and texture. Add some vinyl stickers or lettering, a photo or a favorite quote to personalize your canvas.
I used the following Chiswick products in my project and they are all available from your favorite craft store or visit

Paper Petals – Black 30 pieces pf1000

Face Paint Metallic 50ml – Turgoise pa2151

Burnishing Paste 25ml – Bronze pa2195

Pearlescent Ink Pad – Sky Blue rs3340

Ultra Fine glitter sb4225

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.