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Engraved Recycled spoon keyring.

Posted on 21 Jul 2014

So this week i tried my hand at engraving – no a very steady hand i might add but nonetheless. I have always been fascinated at my sister who is a goldsmith and can make the most beautiful jewellery and work with all those fancy tools. Anyways, so when Chiswick sent me their gorgeous little engraving tool to work with I was beyond excited – if only it came in pink like their heat gun it would have been perfect (for girls at least). So here’s was a made – a recycled spoon keyring. Years ago my mom bought me a set of red and white dotted cutlery – and this was the back end of that set as they were really pretty but not functional at all. After the handles broke off i kept the metal parts like any good hoarder will do.
I used one of their stamps to get a pattern and then engraved it onto the spoon after my DH flattened it for me.

engraving detail
I love how it turned out – functional and recycled – just the way i like it!

detail 2
Here’s a sxs of how i went about the process
step 1 – You will need a stamp with a fairly easy pattern on it, solvent based ink pad, and a flattened spoon. I ask my DH to hammer the end over to form a loop for the keyring to go onto.
Safety tip: Always wear protective eye gear when working with the engraving tool as well as hammering metal objects
step 1
step 2 – Ink your stamp with StazOn ink – this ink is made for metal, plastic, glass and shiny surfaces so it will dry and be permanent while i engrave my image. Press the metal spoon onto the stamp and lightly apply pressure to transfer the image onto the metal.
step 2
step 3 – Make sure you are happy with the image – if not you have a few seconds to wipe the image clean using a cloth and try again.
step 3
step 4 – Wearing your protective eye gear (for the sake of the photo I placed them in the frame but was wearing them when i did the actual engraving) trace over the stamped image lines. Depending on the settings you can regulate the depth of your lines.
TIP – Use light pressure when engraving while guiding the point over the surface.
step 4
step 5 – Once you are done wipe the image down with a soft cloth to remove any metal bits removed from the engraving. Add a layer of black acrylic paint and let the paint dry until almost fully cured. Use a cloth to wipe down the paint on the surface.
step 7
step 6 – The paint inside the engraved areas will remain there and make the engraving more visible – this also adds a nice distressed look to the project.
step 6
I really enjoyed playing with this fabulous little tool – and i can see loads more missed media projects happening using this baby!
Now if only i can colour mine pink….
This wonderful product is available from your local craft store – visit for products available in their range.

Electric Engraver with Stencil cr1355

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.