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Add colour to your die-cuts using pearlescent ink pads.

Posted on 14 May 2014

Die-cuts is a big thing in crafting these days – they are versatile and come in loads of designs, shapes and sizes. The nice thing about die-cuts is that you can use a myriad of products to change them and make them truly unique. Like the ones i used on my layout. I added colour using the gorgeous Pearlescent ink pads from Chiswick to build layers on top of my plain white die-cuts. The ink pads are available in different colours making them perfect for most craft projects and colour schemes.

lets create layout

I layered my ink colours to create beautiful patina looking die-cuts. I first used the blue to add a layer of blue onto the die-cut, and then a layer of green on top followed by a layer of brown dye ink to add a vintage feel on the edges. I also added a layer of dimensional glaze on selected areas of my die-cut and then  sprinkled small gold micro-beads in the glaze and left it to dry.

stamped globe

I used the same blue ink to colour plain white flowers so that they would match my layout perfectly. I added the ink onto my craft sheet and misted it with water, then dipped my flowers into the ink and left them to dry naturally for a multicolored paper flower.

dyed flowers

I also used one of my favourite Chiswick stamp sets to add details onto my inked die-cut element. I inked up the stamp, then did a first stamp onto a piece of scrap paper before stamping onto my coloured die-cut – this removes some of the ink giving me a distressed look on the stamp element. This is a nice way to add some detail onto an image without overwhelming it.

i used the same layering of colour on my die-cut doily underneath my sticker – this pulls the colouring through from the left side of my layout onto the right hands side.

coloured die-cut

step 1 – add a layer of blue pearlescent ink onto your die-cut. Lightly press the ink pad onto the die-cut – do not pull the ink pad over the die-cut as this will pull the sponge off of its base.

step 1

step 2 – Add a layer of green pearlescent ink over the blue layer. You can use a sponge applicator to add the green on top of the blue or apply the green by dabbing the ink pad on top of the blue repeatedly until you are happy with the colour. Use a sponge dauber to blend the colours if need be.

step 2

step 3 – Use your sponge dauber to add a layer of brown dye ink around the edges of the die-cut.

step 3

step 4 – Stamp the coloured die-cut with a script stamp repeatedly to add some pattern onto the background. Ink the stamp using black ink and then make a first stamp onto scrap paper before stamping onto your die-cut. This removes some of the ink and gives a distressed look to your stamping.

step 4

All these wonderful Chiswick ink pads are available from your local craft store. To get a list of your closest store you can
contact Denise on 031 – 569 6116 or visit

and here’s a list of products i used as seen on the web

Pearlescent Ink Pad – Sky Blue rs3340
Pearlescent Ink Pad – Green rs3325
Clear Stamp – Feline Script 140 x 180mm (ER-A14) rs3170
3 in 1 Block Set with Interchangable Handle rs3070
Paper Petals – White 30 pieces pf1001
Purple Cow – 2 in one combo trimmer pc1040

until next time – have a wonderfully creative week!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.