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Whimsical Art Journal Page with POP Paint

Posted on 12 Jan 2018

After a lovely break we are back in full swing starting off the year with some creative play and a whimsical art journaling page using POP Paint.
I am convinced there is nothing you can’t do with POP Paint and creating stunning effects is just one those things.
Today I am sharing how I create a weathered wood look using POP Paint for my background and then added some details on top of that.

step 1 – Paint a piece of book paper with a resist medium like wood glue or gel medium.
I painted it in selected areas only.

step 2 – Mix Skyfall and Onyx POP Paint together to create a deep dark navy blue paint colour. Just tweak the amounts mixed to create your perfect custom colour.

step 3 – Paint your book paper over the resist medium and leave to dry for a couple of minutes. Before the paint is totally dry,
use a damp cloth and wipe the paint off of the resist areas.
TIP: you can clearly see how when wiped down the text in the background is still visbile.

step 4 – Paint a second layer of resist medium over the first layer of paint and leave to dry.
Once dry paint a lighter shade of paint over the first layer and wipe down as before.

step 5 – Add some Burst POP paint through a stencil to the background in  selected areas. I used my finger to apply the paint for a messy smudged effect.
You can also use a sponge dauber to add the paint through the stencil.

step 6 – Use a skewer dipped into Skyfall paint and add some random dots onto the background. Leave the paint layers to dry completely.

Add white and black paint splats, add a stamped and coloured focal point element as well as other decorative elements to your page.

Add some micro beads, graphite pencil scribbles and other finishing touches as desired.

The resist medium creates a beautiful effect leaving some of the book paper visible through the layers of POP Paint.

What have you done lately with your POP Paint?
Products used:
POP Paint 500ml-Burst pp0519
POP Paint 290ml-Onyx pp0308
POP Paint 500ml-Skyfall pp0505

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.