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The story of 715 – Stamped Art Journaling Page.

Posted on 03 Oct 2017

Welcome to today’s blog post. After a few technical issues we are back….

A lot of people have asked about the meaning the 715 – on the Fine Print stamp set. I am flattered that this number has gotten so much attention,
and of course it got me thinking about how people read things into things that are really not that complicated.

These stamp sets were designed with all kinds of crafts in mind – from scrapbooking, to cards, to art journaling and mixed media.
It had to cover everything and anything – and yet there is so much more I have in my head.
The Scripty Letters make for an amazing addition to any project. The letters were individually created with some of my favourite elements inserted into them
making for a unique alphabet set perfect for a lot of projects and titles.

The 715 is simply the combination of birth dates significant in my life 1971 and 1975. hence 715.
The script behind the 715 is my grandmother’s sister’s handwriting. So it has significance in all ways.

These circles had to be functional and quirky at the same time. And of-course the ink splatter is some of my signature ink splats turned into a stamp.

For this art journaling page I combined all of my stamp sets together on a single page to show how they work together and can form a unit.

I love how these stamps can be used together – and even on these hand made papers they stamp perfectly.
Remember to pop into your nearest craft store and ask for your stamps by name!
Products used:
Clear Stamp – Fine Print rs3181
Clear Stamp – Scripty letters
Clear Stamp – Nifty Digits rs3183
Clear Stamp – Life Lessons rs3184

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.