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Quick card – cut creative edges with Chiswick easy cut trimmer

Posted on 04 May 2014

I love making quick cards – they are fun, versatile and have a really purpose. Giving someone a beautiful and thoughtfully made greeting card is priceless and shows effort! So for this card i grabbed some beautiful and versatile stickers from the Chiswick range to add colour and patterns to the front of my card. Stickers are effective when grouped together closely to form a visual point – from there you can add other elements that will guide the eye to different positions. To create further interest to my card i used the zig zag blade for the easy cut trimmer to cut a strip of patterned paper with a beautiful edge – this will change an ordinary border into something special in one easy cut! That simple!

zig zag dge card

I added loads of colour using my stickers and chipboard elements from the Chiswick range – these are perfect for modern and funky birthday and greeting cards.

stcikers 2

To add a bit of sparkle and extra funky appeal to my card I added pink flowers and added glitter brads to the center of each flower to finish them off nicely. I love how the pink glitter just adds that element of surprise.


And a card will be quite boring without some wording – for this card i added a phrase from the die-cut sticker sheet “Familiar phrases” and then cut the ‘so’ off so that i only had ‘brilliant’ left – by altering ready made elements you can make them style specific and customize it to suit your needs.

zigzag blade

The decorative edge makes for a nice statement just above the bold black sticker border. The zig zag shape is a nice repetition of the larger scallop edge on the sticker, adding lots of interest and contrast while softening an otherwise hard straight edge.

To cut my zig zag edge was so easy – all i had to do was replace my regular stright blade in my trimmer with the zig zag blade and make the cut.


The blade snaps easily into the guide track – did you know that you can also replace your straight cut blade with perforated, fold scoring or wave cut – which means your trimmer become multifunctional in a few easy steps.

change blade step 2

Here you can see the zig zag cut made on the patterned paper – different papers will show the edge more clearly as you can see here. The lighter your paper or cardstock, the more evident the cut will be.

cut step 3And that is how easy it is to use the easy cut trimmer from Chiswick to add loads of interest to your next craft project.

All these wonderful products are available from Chiswick – to locate your neasrest craft store you can contact Denise on 031 – 569 6116 and for a full overview of products head on over to the website

Easy-Cut Trimmer sb4400

Paper Petals – Baby Pink 30 pieces pf1002

Chipboard Adhesives – Ephemera st1007

Embossed Stickers – Floral Summer st1001

Die-Cut Stickers – Familiar Phrases st1000

I hope you feel inspired to pull out those extra blades for your easy cut trimmer and add a little pizazz to those otherwise straight edges.

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.