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POP Paint | Mother’s day flowers in a recycled vase.

Posted on 29 Apr 2016

When you get to a certain age i think there is not much more a person wants in terms of materialistic things.
Well at least i think it applies to my mom. So making something for mother’s day that is recycled
will suit her perfectly. So I made this painted recycled coffee jar vase.
It’s perfect for some flowers, but can be used afterwards to store paint brushes, make-up brushes or
just about anything she wants to. and when she is sick and tired of it – well she can chuck it without feeling guilty.

flowers 1

She will have the lasting memory of the pretty flowers and that means a lot more than earthly goods – i think anyways!
flowers 2

step 1 – Punch a shape out of scrap paper and add some Tombow adhesive to the back.
Leave the adhesive to dry until tacky and clear.
step 1step 2 – Adhere the punched shape to the front of an empty glass bottle.
step 2
step 3 – Paint over the shape, the entire bottle using your selected POP paint colour. Leave to dry in between layers.
I painted 3 thin layers of paint.
step 3step 4 – Remove the punched shape. Lightly sand the edges and distress the bottle using sanding paper.
TIP: add a layer of wax to seal the paint and give it a nice matt finish.
step 4
step 5 – Print a photo to fit inside the bottle. Make sure that the width and height is about 1cm more than the opening
of the painted shape.
step 5
step 6 – Use a small piece of double sided tape to adhere the photo to the inside of the bottle.
step 6
Add some flowers to the custom made vase – perfect for mom to celebrate her special day.

TIP: Make sure that you only add enough water for the flowers to be nourished, but not to wet your photo.
YOU can also laminate the photo before adhering it to the inside of the bottle – this way the photo will be protected against the water.
The bottle can then be used later on to store make-up brushes, paint brushes, kitchen utensils or just about anything that needs a pretty display container.

flowers 3

A project perfect for the kids to make for mom on her special day, and something that granny will appreciate that is recycled
and just a little bit friendly to the earth! So go on spoil her this mother’s day!
How will you spoil your mom this mother’s day?

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.