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POP Paint | Altered Torch for dad.

Posted on 07 Jun 2016

With Father’s day coming up this month we are all thinking about something to give dad to show him how special he is right?
My project this month is a little different – it is rather taking something that belonged to dad and then altered it.
We have had this torch since forever, and when it finally gave in it was chucked in the bin for disposal.
It never did quite make it to the disposal dump, but I kept it because I had some plans. And so came to be the altered torch.

altered flashlightIt is now displayed proudly on a shelf, and once what was a piece of garbage became something really pretty and decorative.
detail2step 1 – Make sure the object is cleaned well with a clean cloth, free of dirt and grease.
step 1step 2 – Paint a layer of PoP Paint onto the entire object. Leave to dry and paint another 2 layers for a nice solid coverage.
step2step 3 – Lightly sand the entire surface with a fine sanding paper.
step 4 – Wax the torch with dark and clear wax and buff to a matt shine.
step 5 – Decorate the bottom half of the torch. I used a combination of flowers.
For my grey flowers I simply scrunched them up and adhered them together with cream and brown flowers. Add some
dimensional pearls in between the flowers for some contrast and dimension.
step3The shades of brown, cream and hint of grey together with the gold and dark brown is a lovely combination and still manly.
detail3I am not quite sure for how long this girly version will be displayed in the work area, but for now it looks pretty cool.
I am amazed at how well the paint holds up on the metal, plastic and rubber parts.
The wax seals the paint in and adds a nice smooth and silky finish.
Once again POP Paint makes altering everyday objects a breeze, and turns them into creative crafty objects.

Products used
POP Paint 500ml-Latte pp0515
Paper Petals – Black 30 pieces pf1000
POP Wax 500ml- Clear pp0601
POP Wax 500ml- Smokey Grey pp0602
POP Wax 500ml- Deep Dark pp0603

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.