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Flawless punched border strips | Tonic border punched Tag

Posted on 28 Feb 2017

Does anyone else feel like March has just come too soon? I certainly do. But also look forward to lots of creative time in the coming month.
The one thing I am thankful for is friends and laughter – and I certainly have a lot of that. So to celebrate those beautiful friendships here’s a quick tag I am sharing.I used 5 colours of pigment inks to create the background colour on my tag.
A beautiful stamped quote is used as a sentiment but it is the punched border that is the real star in my opinion.
I love borders and this punched border must be one of my favourite ones (I have many favourites I know)

There is a nifty trick with the Tonic border punches and I am sharing that with you today.
I think it is totally genius and once you get it, life punching borders will be so much easier.

TIP: The Tonic border punches are all marked with a “first punch” line – and that is your starting point to perfectly punched borders.

Step 1 – Position your paper with the edge on the first punch mark and flush against the back of the punch. Punch your first piece.

step 2 – After punching the first piece, move the edge of the first piece to the first punch mark – line up the pattern with the printed pattern on the punch base.
Now punch your second piece. You will not be able to see the entire first punched piece – you will be fine – trust me.

step 3 – Move the punched pattern along. You will see that the punch creates a valley and a mountain tip. You want to line those tips up
on the first punch mark, make sure the pattern matches the printed pattern on the punch base and punch.

TIP: Please note that at this time you will not be able to see the entire second piece of the design punched. This is the secret to getting a flawless
and continuous design. By lining up the mountain and valley tips on the first punch line you are creating a continuous punched edge and joining the design together.

step 4 – Continue placing the valley tip on the first punch line and punch your pattern until you are done.

step 5 – Then remove the paper from the punch and trim off the top and bottom pieces of paper.

step 6 – I keep the bottom and top pieces and use them as additional perfectly punched and interesting border strips that can be used
on a variety of projects. Combine them together for a fun and versatile effect.

step 7 – Adhere the punched strip as well as the top piece to the bottom of your tag.

step 8 -Add your stamped sentiment and some cut out flowers.
Dress up your borders by adding diamante and some hand sewn stitches as a finishing touch.

And there you have a lovely and effective border edge.
Remember that you can use the same concept and apply it to a card, on a layout or on a mixed media project.

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and get yours today
Products used:
Simplicity Strip Punches – Doily pct766
Embroidery Scissor 110mm cr0900

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.