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Christmas in July | Painted wooden box.

Posted on 11 Jul 2016

Welcome to a new month of fun and creative blog posts. Can you believe we are in July already?
Well what better way than top start off a month of Christmas in July! Yes I know, but why not get a head start this year.
I love creating fun displays around the house using Christmas themed decorations along with small gifts – almost like a fun and decorative gift basket.
So this year I am using these gorgeous and versatile wooden crates painted in the most amazing POP paint colours.
How fabulous does this one look?
Christmas vignette2Look at the amazing texture and colour achieved.
The secret to chalk paint is in the sanding – it’s only once you sand it down to remove the chalkiness that you achieve the amazing look.
And only once you add the wax and buff it to a shine that you achieve the ultra smooth to the touch finish, but also seal it and make it water tight.
detail1I love this red! And how fun for Christmas right?
step 1 – Paint the entire box inside and outside using your Signal red POP Paint and a large brush.
I used a small amount of water on my brush to help the paint spread over the rough wood surface.
step1step 2 – Once painted use a coarse sanding paper and sand down the box. Distress certain areas more than others.
Use a soft cloth/mutton cloth or an old t-shirt to wipe away the chalky dust.
step2step 3 – Use your dark brown wax and apply the was directly to the wood using a paint brush. Work the wax into the textured areas with the brush.
Let the wax sit for awhile and then use an old t-shirt to buff the wax to a shine.
step3You can add another layer of clear wax if you want to but I used only the dark wax.
Keep buffing until the surface has a silky smooth finish.
Now you are ready to fill your box with Christmas gifts, decorations, baked goodies and create little displays for your family to enjoy!
And all of this with the stroke or two of a paint brush – you can create your own magical home decor just in tiem for
the festive season!

POP Paint 500ml-Signal pp0501

christmas vignette

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.