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Art journaling | Freedom to express with POP paint.

Posted on 31 Aug 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to another month end – with summer lurking at the front door.
Today I am sharing an art journal page with you using my POP paint combined with texture and pattern.
art journal page 2I love the freedom of art journaling – where you can just experiment and see what happens without any pressure.
I created this page on a sheet of water-colour paper. Once done I simply cut it in half and added the two sides into my journal using double sided tape.
The look is different but enables you to work on a different surface and still add it to your journal – giving you even more creative freedom.
detail1Step 1 – Paint a sheet of water-colour paper using Dove grey POP paint.
I first added a layer of water to my page and then painted it. The paint goes onto the page thinly and even spreads out
creating beautiful natural effects. Heat set the paint with your heat gun.
step1step 2 – Use a stencil and a pattern using texture paste. Let the paste dry naturally.
Add orange and yellow highlights using your POP Paint. I used my finger to apply and spread out the paint.
step 3 – Add highlights on top of the colour using your Dove grey POP Paint.
Apply the paint over the textured areas for added interest and to highlight the texture and pattern.
step3 step 4 – Mist some Purple ink over the page in selected areas. heat set the ink.
Then use a graphite pencil to add highlights and shading around the textured and patterned areas.
Use your finger to blend the graphite around the edges of the pattern.
step4step 5 – Add a die-cut heart and continue to add shading and highlights using your pencil. Add a few scattered sequins,
black and white paint splats and a few large black ink drops across the page to finish it off.
detail2The range of POP Paints are really great for using in my art journals.
The colours are amazing, the paint spreads like a dream and they add extra texture and grip to my pages making it the perfect
mixed media and art journaling product to use.
detail3I hope you are inspired to pull out those journals and get creative – let your creativity fly.
Until next time – add some colour to your life using POP Paint.
Products used
POP Paint 28ml – Dove pp0010
POP Paint 28ml – Zest pp0013
Other: journal, water-colour paper, texture paste, stencil, water-colour paint,paint brushes

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.