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Art Journal Page Fusion using POP Paint

Posted on 14 Mar 2017

I love when art meets craft – the effects are truly spectacular – and so too it was with this art journaling page that came about in a morning session
of painting furniture and experimenting with some new products.
It started off as a colourful journey that needed some blending, and my POP Paint was the perfect fit for the job.

step 1 – Create colourful prints using parchment paper and acrylic and then add some stamping to the dry papers.
Adhere the sheets to your art journal pages using gel medium and leave to dry.

step 2 – The pieces of parchment looked lost and kind of just sitting on the pages, and I needed a way to make them blend into the background
as well as form a unit with each other.
So I took my Polar POP Paint and dry brushed the paint in between the parchment paper pieces and slightly overlapping each piece.

step 3 – The white blends the pages together nicely and forms a beautiful effect.

TIPS: Pop paint works amazingly well in art journaling because it dries so quickly.
Light colours of paint makes for easy dry brushing and blending.
Use a small amount of paint from the lid and tap off any excess before starting to paint – you can always add more but
it is difficult to take away.

step 4 – Once the paint is dry add some stamping using your favourite script stamp.
This one if mine at the moment is from the cat stamp set from Chiswick.
It forms the perfect amount of texture and pattern without being invasive and overpowering.

step 5 – Add some stamping and stenciling to the background to finish off your page.

See how beautifully the white blends and merges the parchment into the background – plus it highlights the imperfections
and textures perfectly to add interest.

and that is just one of the many reasons why POP Paint gets my vote of art go to material – versatile, amazing quality and
just so easy to work with!

Happy creating until next time
Products used:
POP Paint 500ml-Polar pp0512
Other: Acrylic Paint, Gel printing plate, paint brush, stamps, ink pad.

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.