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Altered post bound album for storing stencil.

Posted on 03 Apr 2017

I started making the switch over to D ring albums from Chiswick a few years ago leaving me with a few post bound albums
that are just lying around. So the past week while organizing I altered them to become storage for my stencils…. here’s how i did it
I used Gelli printed papers and parchment to alter the spine and cover of my album, turning it into a wonderful and colourful work of art.

step 1 – I selected some of my favourite POP paint colours to use.

step 2 – Add a small amount of all 3 colours of paint onto your Gelli plate and brayer the paint across the surface.

step 3 – Place your paper or parchment paper on top and rub with your flat hands across the surface.

step 4 – Peel the paper off to reveal your first print.

step 5 – Continue adding more prints using other colours of paints and stencils.
TIP: Once you pull the paper from the plate, the paint is immediately dry. The only exception is where the paint was a bit too thick
and some types of paint.

step 6 – I created a whole stack of papers using different paints, stencils, masks and stamps.

step 7 – Remove the spine from your album and adhere your Gelli printed papers to the spine using gel medium.

step 8 – Once the spine is dry insert it back into the album.

step 9 – Select the image you want to adhere to the front of your album and adhere using gel medium.
Paint a layer of gel medium, place down your paper, and then paint another layer of gel medium on top to seal it.

step 10 – Continue adding more papers ans strips of parchment overlapping each other and leave to dry.

step 11 – Insert your pockets into the album.

step 12 – Add your stencils into the pockets in the album. The pockets will keep them nice and flat and prevent them from getting damaged.

step 13 – And there you have a nice and colourful storage album for all your stencils, plus you have recycled something that may
have just gone to the trash.

i love how this multicoloured album cover turned out…now to do the same with the back….
Products used:
POP Paint 500ml-Signal pp0501
POP Paint 500ml-Minted pp0506
POP Paint 500ml-Macaroon pp0504
12x 12 Refill Sheets Multi-purpose sb4735
Post Bound Album Linen – Nautical Beach sb4477
Other: Gelli Plate, brayer, parchment paper, white paper, gel medium

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.