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PoP paint crackle card background

Posted on 24 Jan 2017

There is nothing quite like a beautiful texture. Today we are creating some gorgeous crackle textures using pop paint.
Its so easy even the kids can do it. And with beautiful results like this you can create cards, layouts, painted storage and loads more
with a single stroke of paint and glue…

The crackle effect created is so pretty and can be used on anything that you can paint. All you need is 2 colours of paint,
some wood glue, old paint brushes and a few spare minutes outsides.

step 1 – Paint a piece of cardstock using your base colour and leave to dry. This is the colour that will show through the cracks.step 2 – Apply a generous amount of wood glue to your painted surface. Spread the glue out with a paintbrush to an even layer.
TIP: Remember to wash your paintbrush really well before the glue dries.

step 3 -While the wood glue is still wet, paint your second layer of paint over it.
TIP: Extremely important!
You have one chance. Paint only ONCE over the glue in the same direction.
So load the brush heavily with paint and only paint once over the glue.

Remember to paint in one direction only.

step 4 – Leave the paint to dry. You can almost immediately see the crackle form.

step 5 – The thicker the glue layer the bigger the cracks that will appear.
So vary the thickness in places for added interest.

Now turn your crackle background into a work of art.
PS. A fun and messy activity that the kids can also do. Dress them in old clothes and let them paint outside.

Products used

POP Paint 290ml-Buttery pp0314
POP Paint 290ml-Signal pp0301

Until next time…let those cracks show!

Written by Jowilna Nolte

Creating can be a wonderful journey and therapy making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.